Promoting Economic Development in

Dillon County

Our Chamber Means Business

At Dillon County Chamber of Commerce, we believe a community will only be truly successful when everyone is given equitable opportunities to grow. We’re a membership-based organization that offers leadership programs to help businesses achieve sustainable, economic growth in Dillon, SC.

When you join The Chamber, you will get exclusive access to research resources, publications, our huge network of contacts, discounts from fellow members, and more. We will provide all support you need to take your business to new heights.

Let us help each business succeed and reap the benefits of a thriving economy. To sign up, feel free to reach out to us today. Our services are available in Dillon, Latta, and Lakeview.

Mission and Vision

The Dillon County Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that provides leadership programs to promote, enhance and sustain a quality of life, and a favorable business climate for its members and local communities.

Member Services

This group organizes special events within the organization to mobilize our resources and achieve our financial objectives.

Resource Development

This team is in charge of preparing future, educated leaders to work within their respective communities and regions.

Business/ Industry

They’re in charge of providing support and materials to businesses and industries to fulfill their local needs.

Special Projects

They’re in charge of reviewing the internal and external needs of the organization, and find solutions to fulfill those.

Values and Beliefs

The Chamber strongly believes that:

  • Our organization is a catalyst in the overall improvement of the economic climate of the Dillon County Area.
  • We’re involved in finding the cause and solution to broad-based community issues.
  • Our membership dues are investments and will only be used for community development purposes only.
  • We practice ethical and equitable business practices.